3 Mythological Gods of Love and Lust With Tragic Stories

In today’s world, there is a lot of history which can be found about love and lust and how the evolution of it took place over the years. Love and lust have an ancient past which can be dated back to the times when Gods ruled over the earth and due to this belief of god which humans have they have attributed various gods to relate to love and lust based on their religion.

While many of us are aware of the common greek gods of love, lust and even desire not many of us know about the other mythological gods of different religions and their story. Thus to help you know more about this,  the following are the 3 mythological gods of love and lust with tragic stories .


1) Freyja (Norse Mythology) –

The name Freyja translates to “Lady,” and this is one such God in the Norse mythology which had many roles. Along with being the goddess of love she was also the Queen of Fólkvangr which is a place very similar to Valhalla. Unlike most of the love goddesses who are peaceful, this goddess had an extremely vicious side. She was full of greed, evil deeds, and jealousy and is also said to be the one who thought humans witchcraft, which is considered as an evil practice in many religions. She is often said to have been on earth riding her chariot which is pulled by cats searching for her husband, who is said to go missing regularly. The Irony of this situation is that despite being referred to as the love God, she had a lot of love problem in her own life.


2) Yue Lao (Chinese Mythology) –

Yue Lao or commonly known as “The Man under the Moon” is the one who oversees heterosexual marriage and is also known as the matchmaker. This god is widely connected with the red thread of destiny and in the one who binds the hearts of two people in the deep bond of love and marriage. The most widely known story of Yue Loa is the one where a person named Wei Gu is trying to find a suitable wife for himself. Wei Gu once came across Yue Lao and asked him to show him how his future wife would look. After a lot of insisting Yue Lao showed him a vision of an old woman with a young child living in poverty. Distraught by the fact that the old women would become his wife he ordered his servants to go kill both the old women and the child but luckily the child managed to escape just with a few injuries and scars. After several years had past and Wei Gu finally found a suitable partner for him he noticed that she has scars on her back. Upon further talking to her about it, he found out that it was the very same child he had ordered to kill who was now standing with him as his perfect partner.


3) Rati (Hinduism) –


Just like her husband Kama, even Rati has an essential role when it comes to the delicate act of love and lust in Hinduism. She is often referred to as the god of desire due to her immense beauty which is said to hypnotize and make anyone fall in love with her just with a single glance. The best-known story of her is when she successfully changed the mind of Lord Shiva who is known as the destroyer. After Lord Shiva’s first wife’s death, when he had been forced to fall in love all over again, this act of falling in love with another person made him angry to an extent that he turned Rati’s husband, Kama in ash. After this, Rati persuaded Shiva to revive her husband, and he did, but the catch was that her husband upon revival would be invisible for eternity.  Despite being extremely beautiful, she failed to impress Shiva and had to live all her life with the fact that she would never be able to see her husband ever again even if he was standing right in front of her.

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