Topics Of Sex To Discuss With Your Partner

Entering into a new relationship can be daunting for both of you since you both would have just started to get to know one another it can be a good thing to be expressive and communicative. Sexual health in a relationship is incredibly important as it plays a huge role in the smooth workings of the affiliation. Sometimes people don’t tend to show their true colors and fantasies with their boyfriend/ girlfriend if they have just started dating. The dynamics of a relationship play a considerable role in how comfortable they can be with each other in the beginning. If they are both virgins, then sex will be one of the most significant steps forward for both of them.

Excellent communication is what helps immensely; it can help gloss over the awkward moments in bed as well. Communication can be of paramount importance as sex can be great if you two know what you want and like. Knowing what you guys like in bed and doing it can be a massive turn on. Make sure both of you are comfortable enough to reveal such intimate details to your partner. Here are some topics that you should discuss with them in the advent of your relationship:

–    Talk about your sexual history as well as theirs as it is essential to know that about your partner, things like how many previous partners they have had if they have had any history with STDs. Also, make sure to get tested together if both of you are unsure.

–    Secrets in the bedroom should also be revealed to your partner as it can interfere with the relationship dynamic. If you have gone through any sexual trauma, it is okay to tell them as long as you trust that information with them. Gradually warm up to the idea that all secrets can be revealed to this individual.

–    Talk about when you want to have sex. Be open about it. You both could have the same preference when it comes to when you want to do it, but when you don’t, it is essential to discuss the details. Some like it to be spontaneous and you can keep it that way. You don’t have to come up with a schedule or something like a sex calendar or anything; the goal is to be open about your preferences.

–    Speaking of sexual preferences tell them what kind of fetishes and desires you have. You have a partner who would be open to fulfill that for you. Some people want to do more than vaginal sex or anal sex. They would want to try toys, bondage, oral sex, submission and many more. These are things you can try to add some spice into your sex lives, so you don’t end up in a rut. These things could even increase your libido. You could have all these fantasies, and all or most of them could be fulfilled if you just discuss them with your partner.

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