3 Reasons Using Facebook Conversions API Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Aug 30, 2022 Marketing-SEO


There are many advantages to using Facebook’s Conversions API, including being able to bypass ad blockers and VPNs. Additionally, it is iOS14-friendly and stores lower-funnel activity. Let’s look at three of these benefits.

What is the Facebook Conversions API?

Facebook’s Conversions API software program is a powerful tool for measuring how well your ad campaigns are performing. This tool lets you send data about the actions of your website visitors directly to the Facebook ad manager. This data can help you improve your ad campaigns and automate some of your tasks.

This API is different from Facebook’s pixel and is a vital tool for future-proofing your Facebook advertising strategy. This API lets you collect additional data about your website visitors even if they choose not to accept third-party cookies. As the privacy concerns surrounding data tracking continue to grow, technology companies have responded by making changes to their policies.

Facebook’s Conversions API allows advertisers to collect data about website visitors and conversions without revealing their identities. Using this new API for advertising will allow you to make more informed decisions about how to improve your website and increase sales.

Benefit #1: Finds a Way Around VPNs and Ad Blocker

Ad blockers and VPNs are one of the best ways to protect yourself online from unwanted ads. They help you navigate the web safely and block harmful adverts, which can slow down page loading time and clog your screen. They also protect you from malware threats and protect your computer from security risks. There are several VPN services available, and you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Ad blockers are very effective at hiding malware, but they can’t hide all of it. VPNs are a better option because they offer a complete security suite. They can block dangerous websites, encrypt your browsing activity, and hide your IP address. This makes you completely untraceable, and your device is safe from cyber-attacks.

Benefit #2: iOS14-Friendly

The Facebook Conversions API is a powerful new tool for advertising and marketing on Facebook. It makes it easy to send more data than just website behavior to Facebook. Not all events happen on the website, but they can occur in apps, shopping cart tools, or offline. The Conversions API allows CRMs to send additional data to Facebook. The downside of this is that third-party cookies are no longer supported, and the Conversions API will become the sole source of conversion tracking for your website.

While the Facebook pixel still has its limitations, the Conversions API can offer more control and better data measurement. The Conversions API is more efficient and can provide full-funnel visibility. Using this API will allow you to track key events and compare performance to historical data.

Benefit #3: Stores Lower-Funnel Activity

Facebook Conversions API is a great way for online stores to track activity from Facebook. It helps you get a more complete picture of your customer’s activities. It works by creating a direct connection between your advertiser server and Facebook, which eliminates the need for browser cookies. In addition, you can send data from various CRMs and other third-party sources. This is great news for businesses that want to use social media to drive revenue.

With the Conversions API, you can improve the accuracy of your conversion tracking, your ad performance, and your client experience. The API also creates a more reliable connection with Facebook, which decreases your cost per action. By using Facebook Conversions API, you can optimize your advertising campaigns for higher value actions while keeping the lower-funnel activity in one place.

The Bottom Line

Using Facebook’s conversions API for marketing is a powerful way to track customer actions across your website. By using server events, Facebook can identify what a customer does once they have visited your website, such as checking out, adding an item to their cart, or calling your business. This data can be analyzed to help you improve your marketing strategy.

In addition to helping you measure the success of your campaigns, Facebook’s conversions API enables you to send more than just website behavior to the social network. For example, not all events are logged on your site; some may occur in your app or third-party payment tool. Other sources of additional data can include CRMs and shopping cart tools. Using Facebook’s conversions API for marketing makes it possible to future-proof your Facebook advertising strategy.