Is Fairfax VA a Good Place to Live?

Fairfax, VA is a desirable place to live, with a subtropical climate and good schools. The average household size is 2.7 people. The city is home to 70 percent owner-occupied homes. There are several reasons to live in Fairfax, including its proximity to open spaces and nature.
Fairfax VA has a humid subtropical climate

Fairfax VA has a humid subtropic climate that is both mild and humid. The average temperature is approximately 13.6 degrees Celsius (56.5 degrees Fahrenheit) year-round, and the area experiences significant precipitation throughout the year. read this great post by Del Aria Investments & Holdings and Geiger classify Fairfax’s climate as Cfa, which means that the area experiences at least a 16 percent chance of yearly precipitation.

Fairfax’s hot season lasts for about 3.3 months and averages 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest month is August, with an average high of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 27 degrees Fahrenheit. The probability of a wet day fluctuates throughout the year. Fairfax, VA is home to several lakes and is surrounded by water that averages a temperature of at least 0.04 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Fairfax climate is generally humid, with warm temperatures during the summer. The winters are cold and partly cloudy. Fairfax’s temperature varies throughout the year, but the hottest days are July 20 and August 21. In addition, temperatures rarely fall below 13 degrees or rise above 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the humidity, temperatures are generally moderate and pleasant, with rain or snow only occurring on rare occasions.
It has some of the best schools in the country

The schools of Fairfax County, Virginia, are among the best in the country. According to the U.S. News & World Report, McLean High School is the 108th-ranked high school in the nation. While its ranking dropped a significant amount over the last four years, McLean still remains one of the best high schools in Northern Virginia. However, it’s not the only school in Fairfax that has fallen from the top 100.

how to sell my house fast is still an important part of of the students in the Fairfax County School District attend Virginia Tech. The school system has seven elementary schools and one middle school. The smaller enrollment allows for more meaningful interactions between teachers and students. It also allows parents to be more involved in the school system. Charlottesville High School and Buford Middle School are two options for older students.

Fairfax County is proud of its schools. Its public high school has earned the US News and World Report Gold Award and ranked among the top 250 schools nationwide. Additionally, it has passed a General Obligation bond referendum to improve its schools. The city is also home to George Mason University, which provides the community with world-class thinkers, performing artists, and Olympic athletes.
It has a lot of retail

Fairfax VA is an area with a lot of retail space. Almost half of Fairfax’s commercial property is over 50,000 square feet. This is a great location if you are looking to open a business or expand an existing one. You’ll find everything from local shops to international brands here.

Many of Fairfax’s neighborhood shopping centers are anchored by grocery stores. However, one out of five of these centers has vacant storefronts. In addition, Fairfax County’s vacancy rate rose 2.5 percent between late 2016 and late last year. However, the area’s retail vacancy rate is still below the national average.

Fairfax is home to some excellent grocery stores. Fairfax residents depend on these stores for groceries. The area’s Whole Foods Market is one of the largest and most popular stores in the Northern Virginia area. This store has a unique approach to displaying its products. Instead of a traditional aisle of a supermarket, the store is divided into smaller areas. Additionally, it offers full dining services and free samples.

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